Creative Advertising Production

From development to production, I will transmform your ideas into a stunning visual representation for your audience. Explore my site to see all that I offer, and get in touch for more information.

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About Mark Chand:

What I Do

I dream, explore, create and craft progressive digital experiences

My mission:  To consistently provide creative advertising content that make stakeholders campaigns successful. 


Digital Creator Services

Dedicated to producing exceptional content for various client needs, I provide Industry standard Graphic Illustrations, Web Designs  and Video Production. I also provide additional services in order to ensure that each design we produce is smart, engaging, and achieves its purpose. Get in touch to learn what I can do for your business.

Catering Solutions for Corporate as well as Small Business Advertising

Fully integrated production and post-production services feature full HD digital acquisition.The first, end-to-end, fully digital production provider in Guyana, and expert at leveraging a digital workflow to deliver final projects quickly. From simple field shoots to complete Campaign production, I use the secrets of direct response marketing and direct consumer engagement as a tool of brand awareness and brand penetration.

Providing professional services within the core service areas of web design, e-commerce, Internet marketing, graphics, animations, package design and brand identity. From small start-up websites to multi-million dollar interactive campaigns, I aim to consistently push the boundaries of creative visual content.

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Satisfaction Guarantee


If at any point in the process you’re unhappy for ANY reason, you can cancel the project and get a FULL refund...with absolutely no hassle. 


From Any Style 


No need to ask whether I can make a design in any particular style you've seen. I can do it all! Whether it's Graphics design, 2D/3D animation, white board hand sketch, professional styles, motion graphics, live name it!

Super Fast Turnaround Times


I know you want your project done yesterday, so I am always equipped and ready to get your job done as fast possible - without compromising quality. Rush service is also available to finish your project in as little as 2-3 days!

Music Videos

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In-Studio Music Videos,  Utilising Greenscreen Background Replacements and Visual Effects.

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Low Budget

TV Commercials

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Image based promotional commercials with animation and visual effects/Voice Over

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Full featured video commercial - Inclusive of shooting at local location for 3 hours featuring  talent (Model) per request.