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The importance of creative in advertising

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

Creativity can be defined as “the use of imagination or original ideas to create something”. In advertising, it is what brings meaning to brand messaging. People often think technology itself is the most important part in the tech world, but without creative there is no way to create meaningful connections with your customers. It has been said that the best way to be noticed in the midst of advertising “noise” is to be compelling. And the most compelling ads are the ones that grab and maintain your audience’s attention. The rest just get lost in the eternal abyss – the internet! Advertising without creative is like a key without a lock; one is simply not effective without the other.

Creative equals personalization

Think about walking into a coffee shop, approaching the counter about to order your drink. Now, instead of proceeding to order, the person at the counter says “same as usual?”. That is personalization. Not only do you save time and energy, but you were remembered and a connection was made. The same can be said about Creative Advertising; if the message comes across in a personalized and creative way, consumers engage more. And just like your coffee shop experience, online shopping becomes a lot more convenient.

Creative equals brand recognition

Providing value to your customers by creating meaningful connections through creative in advertising is one way to create brand recognition. Consumers are more likely to resonate with an ad if it is something they can relate to or if it is relevant to their interests. Companies can create an established brand this way; by providing meaningful, relevant and consistent ad creative to their target audience.

Creative equals storytelling

When creating a story for your brand, your main focus should be on emotional impact. Emotional impact is crucial in order to create human connection. People are more likely to resonate with your brand if they can relate to it in some way. Not only is storytelling a way to connect with your customers, it also paints a clear picture of your brand by guiding the reader along through your journey, leaving fewer unanswered questions. Creating a story for your brand also enables the ability to retain customers. After people recognize your brand and can create a connection with it, they are more likely to keep your brand on top of mind. This becomes a strategic framework in your marketing plan.

Creative equals engagement

Ad effectiveness is optimal when great creative is matched with great targeting, enabled by the latest technology and data tools. It may seem obvious, but reaching a large number of consumers with advertising is critical to the success of a campaign: only consumers exposed to an ad can be influenced. If creativity in an ad can spark excitement and relevance to the consumer, the more likely they are to be engaged.

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